What it is

V-4Mation is a mentoring program for Black men in engineering. It’s a safe space where members can learn from each other (and occasional speakers) about a range of academic, social and leadership topics. 

Why “V-4Mation”?

  • Migratory birds can travel thousands of miles because they fly in a V-shaped formation. This V formation creates air currents that improve the whole flock’s energy efficiency. 
  • V-4Mation at VCU Engineering operates on a similar principle: By supporting one another, we can fly higher, go faster and get there together. 
  • V-4Mation is designed to improve student retention and graduation rates among Black men in VCU Engineering.

The Four Principles of V-4Mation

To keep ourselves — and each other — aloft and moving forward, each V-4Mation participant commits to four non-negotiable terms of engagement:

  1. Commitment to academic and professional excellence through sound study habits and maximum effort in class 
  2. Commitment to active participation in all V-4Mation meetings, activities, assignments and leading sessions, as appropriate
  3. Commitment to lifelong learning by practicing V-4Mation core values, mentoring others and exploring new opportunities for growth 
  4. Commitment to personal development through goal setting and conduct that best represents the V-4Mation member’s family, the university and the V-4Mation program

I would describe V-4Mation as a great launchpad for the underrepresented. This has the potential to become an elite safe space for minority men at VCU Engineering who want to navigate a fruitful career.

-Sekai Clayton
VCU Engineering student, SMART Scholar and V-4Mation participant